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About Us

The world is ever changing and education also has to go with it because education plays an important role in developing a well-rounded citizen and productive member of society. While it is the policy of the state to establish and maintain a complete, adequate, and integrated system of education relevant to the goals of national development, the government shall ensure maximum contribution to our education system

Its National Development goals are:

  1. To achieve and maintain an accelerating rate of economic development and social progress.
  2. To ensure the maximum participation of all the people in the attachment and enjoyment of the benefits of such growth; and
  3. To achieve and strengthen national unity and consciousness and preserve, develop and promote desirable cultural, moral and spiritual values in a changing world.

The Educational System aims to:

  1. Provide for a board general education that will:
    (a) assist each individual, in the peculiar ecology of his own society to attain his potentials as human being
    (b) participate in the basic function of society; and
    (c) acquire the essential education foundation of his development into a productive and versatile citizen;
  2. Train the nation’s manpower in the middle level of skills required for national development;
  3. Develop professionals that will provide leadership for the nation in the advancement of knowledge for improving the quality of human life; and
  4. To advance knowledge through research and apply new knowledge for improving the quality of human life and respond effectively to societal needs.

SIIT is aware of the needs of our people especially in Siargao Island. Its objective is to cater to the quest of our young people today. It has to train its students to engage seriously in acquiring the knowledge of the subsoil of our culture that nourished the first attempts of our people to education, in social, and community living and in poetry and song, and the expressive arts of the spirit.

In training the student, SIIT attempts to concretize its objectives all for the realization of accelerating our economic and social development. In relevance to national goals, the educational aims and the objectives of tertiary education, SIIT gives importance to human potential by assuming the responsibility of training the youth when it started to open the college of Secondary Education, College of Elementary Education and Associate in Computer Science

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